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SHIYITANG Lung Tonic Herbal Tea 世一堂清肺排毒汤 60g x 10 packs
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Product SKU SYT001
Brand ShiYiTang
Size (L x W x H) 30 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm
Points Needed 7000
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100% Herbal

Traditional Herbal Medicine

No additive

For general wellbeing

Suitable for kids, elderberry and adult

成分: 藿香 , 紫苏, 薄荷, 蒲公英, 橘皮, 红枣
Ingredients: Ageratum, Perilla, Mint, Dandelion, Orange Peel, Red Date

协助预防:咳嗽,肺炎,增强肺功能,清热解毒, 提高免疫, 调理肺, 调理肠胃功能
Prevention : Cough, Pneumonia. Lung & liver detoxification, reduce Heatiness, Strenghten immune system, digestive system and reduce inflamation.

服用方法: 2公升水, 加入1包, 1片姜, 煮15分钟, 代茶饮用,可以连续服用10天
How to take: 2 liters of water, add 1 packet, 1 slice of ginger, boil for 15 minutes, and drink as tea
Can be taken continuously for 10 days for lung tonic

适合:小孩3岁以上, 老人,哮喘, 肺功能不好, 发热气, 喉咙痛, 咳嗽, 支气管感染
不适合婴儿, 孕妇
Suitable for: children over 3 years old, elderly people, asthma, poor lung function, fever, sore throat, cough, bronchial infection。

Not suitable for babies, below 2 year old, pregnant women

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