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  • Formulated by nutritionist, meet your day to day essential the nutrients need
  • Gluten Free,  Non-GMO
  • Low GI – helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, suitable for diabetics
  • High in Protein, each 100g provides you up to 9 grams of protein
  • Rich in dietary fiber , each 100g provides you up to 6.7 grams of dietary fiber
  • Fluffy and soft in texture, easier to digest
  • Made with Embryo brown rice, which using a unique processing method, rich in fiber and nutrients.
  • Sustainable energy source. Rich in vitamin B, provides you a longer and more sustainable energy.
  • High in Antioxidant: Black rice and red rice are rich in phytonutrients: such as anthocyanins and beta-carotene. 
  • Suitable for elderly and anyone who with a poor digestion & bloated stomach

-    FREE from MSG. 
-    Made with real mushrooms
-    Rice and strong mushroom taste
-    Tasty & healthy
-    Suitable for Vegetarian
-    Great for cooking and put into soap.
-    No Additives
-    No Colouring


Made with real vegetables
-    Tasty & healthy choice
-    Nutritive
-    Excellent taste for cooking and soap
-    Suitable for Vegetarian
-    No Additives
-    No Colouring
-    No MSG


•    Same Great Taste!
•    Live Sweetly
•    Zero Calories. Zero Carb.
•    Glycemic Index
•    Keto Friendly
•    Diabetic Friendly
•    Low Glycemic Impact 
•    Great for Beverages & Baking
•    Non GMO 
•    Gluten Free
•    Naturally Vegan