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  • FREE Eco-Friendly Wheat Straw Glass Tumbler
  • Natural Healthy Vision Supplement
  • Diabetic friendly - no added sugar
  • Protect eye and promote healthy vision
  • Improve blood circulation and relieve tired eyes
  • Better harmful blue light protection, great for frequent digital devices users
  • With proven natural ingredient: NZ blackcurrant anthocyanins, lutein, zeaxanthin & vitamin C
  • Halal &100% Vegan
  • No Artificial Preservatives & Colouring
  • High in Vitamin C
  • Dry Tired Eyes Support for Children & Adult
  • Pure and Non GMO
  • Cold-Pressed
  • Unrefined
  • Rich & Full Coconut Flavour
  • Premium Quality
  • Chemical Free
  • No Pesticide, No Coloring, No Preservative, No Flavouring
  • Certified Organic & Halal

Multifunctional: Effortlessly pulverizes fruits, vegetables, superfoods, and protein shakes within 30 seconds.

Fashional Design: Waterproof and skidproof cup-base and hidden power lighting instructions.

  • Powerful Natural Antibiotic: Antibacterial, Antiviral, Antifungal
  • Modulate Immune Syste
  • Strong Anti-inflammatory Effects
  • Anti-oxidant, Free Radicals Scavenger
  • Anti-tumour, Cancer Prevention
  • Speed Up Wound Healing
  • Dental Care