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Herlia Naturals
Herlia Naturals

Yeong Lee, co-founder of Herlia Naturals

Yeong Lee, a registered yoga teacher, and dietician. She is always passionate about sharing the holistic approach to health and wellbeing. With a degree in Nutrition & Dietetics, she has been a practicing Dietitian in Australia and Malaysia for more than 8 years and often invited to deliver nutrition education talks for corporate events or TV shows.

She is also sought after for her expertise in vinyasa yoga, yoga meditation, Ayurveda, yogi nutrition and sports nutrition by teaching in numerous yoga teacher training and workshops around the South East Asia region.

"Herlia", in bahasa "Halia" means Ginger. Herlia Naturals® Ginger Vita is made using the highest quality ginger originated from Bentong, Malaysia.

The extraction process begins by drawing out fresh ginger essence and compressing it into a tablet for easy and convenient consumption.

Consuming ginger daily is a natural way to boost health especially for a woman. The preparation is time-consuming and required a lot of effort.

Herlia Naturals® Ginger Vita provides a convenient no fuss approach to this problem, with the non-pungent formula to assure that you won't choke on the spiciness of raw ginger. 

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  • Stimulate Digestion - Ginger helps food move thorough digestive system quicker, helps prevent bloating, heartburn & indigestion.
  • Relieve Nausea - Very useful for pregnant women, motion sickness, post-surgical nausea & chemotherapy
  • Decrease Inflammations -Helps to combat diseases involving inflammation such as heart problems, autoimmune disorders, and cancer.
  • Reduce Joint Pain & Stiffness -Very useful for osteoarthritis symptoms eg. Knee pain and stiffness. Effective against exercise-induced muscle pain and soreness
  • Women’s Tonic - Reduce menstruation pain & cramp, natural support for menopause symptoms
  • Antibacterial Properties -Very effective against a variety of bacteria including oral bacteria which linked to many gum diseases