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I had added item to my shopping cart but i unable to view, how to view?

You can click the shopping cart icon located at the top right above the menu bar.


I added some product into my cart but I forget to make payment, I want to make payment now. How should I do?

a) Login your account at here

b) Click the icon at the top right and click "My Order"

c)  Your order summary will be display, you can click "View" to view the order or click "Reorder" to re-place the order again and proceed to payment. 

I am unable to process my order, how should I do?

Please to place your order again – sometimes when the site is experiencing high traffic, orders do not get placed. Sometimes, it may be a credit card or compatibility issue. Please try an alternative browser and/or credit card to ensure it is not a compatibility problem. If you are still having problems, try deleting the cookies/caches on your computer before logging back into your account.
If further problems persist, please get in touch with our customer service team by visiting our Contact Us page.

I’m Getting An Error Message Which Says That My Credit Card Details Are Incorrect.

Please make sure that you entered your details exactly as they appear on the card. The card number should be entered without any spaces. The CVV number (“Card Verification Value”) is a 3 digit number found on the signature strip on the back of Visa and MasterCard branded credit and debit cards. On American Express branded credit or debit cards, this is a 4 digit numeric code found on the front / right-hand side of the card.)


I' tried to apply the coupon code but it failed, why?

Please make sure to register an account and login to enjoy the member exclusive discount.

i) New user, please register an account at here

ii) Existing user, please login your account at here


a) Once you had added your favorite item into cart, click the "Proceed To Checkout" button

b) Fill in your delivery details, apply the coupon code at the "Coupon Code" column and click the "Apply" button

c) Select your preferred method, if you wish to edit shipping address, click the "Edit".  Once you had selected the payment method,  click the button "Place Your Order".


d) The payment gateway page will appear, you may select your preferred payment method here.

Membership Reward Program

How can I earn reward points?

The points will credit to your account once you spend, you can redeem it on your next purchase. 


How can I redeem the reward points?

You can redeem when you place the order at the checkout page.


How do I check my reward points?

You need to log in to your Wholesome Living account, go to My Account >Order >Reward Points.


How many points I can earn?

You can earn a point for every ringgit you spend, RM1 = 5 Points Earned.

Every 500 points are equivalent to RM5.00. You can spend your accumulated points on your following purchases as payment. Shop now at www.wholesomeliving.my to earn points.

Product Information

BerryBright Eye Nourishing Drink

I bought a box of BerryBright but I don't know how to consume it?

  • Prepare 150ml of room temperature water.
  • Add one sachet of BerryBright®
  • Stir, mix and drink immediately to avoid oxidation

Should I consume it daily?

  • For best results, consume 1-2 sachets a day, before food on an empty stomach.
  • Children: Aged 12 and above, take 1 sachet. Below 12 and above the age of 2, take ½ a sachet a day for general maintenance and healthy eye development.
  • Post-operation: to speed up healing, consume 4 sachets a day for a month.
  • Diabetic patients and intensive eye care: Take 2 sachets a day.

What is the best time to consume BerryBright®?

The morning before breakfast, or before dinner in the evening. What is the typical appearance of BerryBright® when it is prepared?

Typically, blackcurrant berry drinks would appear in darkish purple red colour. However, the colour, texture, smell, and taste may vary from batch to batch due to natural properties of all natural ingredients used. Are there any side effects from consuming BerryBright®? Not presently known.


How to achieve the best results with BerryBright®?

Berry Bright is a nutritive drink made from concentrated fruit extracts and natural ingredients. Berry Bright is meant for long term support and consumption and is not meant as a treatment for eye health conditions. Within the short term, you may experience relief of tiredness in the eyes. For best results, regular continual consumption may assist in reducing the risk of eye diseases, prevent aging of the eyes, and protect and maintain healthy eyesight.


BerryBright® is suitable for who?

BerryBright® is suitable for all, from the young to the elderly.


BerryBright® suitable for pregnant and/or lactating mothers?

Pregnant and lactating mothers may experience hormonal and other changes in their body during this period. We recommend that you consult your medical professional before taking any form of supplement.


I am a diabetic patient, can I consume BerryBright®?

BerryBright® with Stevia may assist diabetic patients in protecting their eyesight. Providing them extra protection for their eyesight, without affecting their blood sugar levels. BerryBright® with Stevia also contains additional Bilberry that can help to strengthen their capillaries of the blood vessel around the eye with its high antioxidant content.


Dodum Jujube Tea

Does Dodum Korean Jujube contain artificial coloring, preservative or flavoring?

No. Dodum Korean Jujube does not contain any artificial coloring, preservative or flavoring


Does Dodum Korean Jujube use Sulphur Dioxide as a preservative?

No. We do not use Sulphur Dioxide as a preservative. You may refer to our Sulphur Dioxide test at our website.


What is the shelf-life of Dodum Korean Jujube Tea products?

Dodum Korean Jujube Tea - 2 years from the manufactured date


When is the best time to consume Dodum Korean Jujube products?

The best time to consume the Dodum Korean Jujube Tea is whenever you are feeling tired, energyless. Women are recommended to consume Jujube tea after menses, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Are there any side effects from consuming Dodum Korean Jujube Tea?

No. Jujube is well known to have an excellent source of Iron (Fe) and very nutritious. Therefore, your body may need some time to adapt to the changes if your body is easily getting ‘heaty’. However, if you experience increased body heat, sore throat, feverish, we suggest consuming the jujube tea one pack a day or once every other day. 


How to consume?

You can consume anytime, anywhere. There are 4 delicious ways to enjoy:-

1) Drink directly

2) Served warm (put the pack in hot water for 5 mins and serve, do not heat in microwave)

3) Serve with Ice

4) Dilute with warm water


Wholesome Living (WL) Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Is WL Extra Virgin Coconut Oil certified organic and Non-GMO?

All the coconuts used are Non-GMO and WL Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is certified organic by USDA & European Union (EU).


Can WL Virgin Coconut Oil be used on skin?

Yes. Virgin Coconut Oil is an excellent moisturizer and works amazingly for dry skin, cracked lips or heel, and soothes diaper rashes.


How long does the WL Virgin Coconut Oil last?

WL Virgin Coconut Oil has a shelf life of up to 3 years from production. It is best kept at room temperature and in a dark closed area.