Breakfirst by Amy
Breakfirst by Amy
Breakfirst by Amy

Amelia, the founder of Breakfirst by Amy.

Amy is short for Amelia, she is breakfast always comes the first person and that's how the name "Breakfirst" come from! There’s something about starting the day right, and a wholesome breakfast never disappoints.

Over the past years, she had developed a love for healthy and wholesome food. What started out as an interest gradually grew to become a sustainable and balanced lifestyle. She strives to use organic products where necessary and support local produce in any capacity.

Peanut butter on toast, anyone? Most of us are used to getting our favorite spreads off the shelves in supermarkets, but more often than not, these spreads contain added oil (mostly hydrogenated, which also means trans fat) and laden with sugar. So even though nuts are naturally packed with heart-healthy fats, you are also getting the not-so-good ingredients alongside it.

Why not kick-start your day with healthier versions of foods so we can all enjoy them without feeling like we have to sacrifice to eat better. Breakfirst aims to provide you a variety of healthy choice, you can use them as you would with your favorite spreads – on toast, crackers, fruits or on its own straight from the jar.

Making a good breakfast is therapeutic to kick start an energetic day. It’s an expression of creativity, gives us a sense of accomplishment while having full control over what goes into our body, don't you think so? Start the day with Breakfirst, there are a variety of choices and you gonna love it so much.


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