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[TWIN PACK] Berry Bright Eye Nourishing Drink with Stevia 8g x 30sachets x 2 boxes [Blackcurrant Anthocyanins with Lutein & Zeaxanthin] [Certified HALAL]
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Price RM249.00 RM278.00
Product SKU B010x2
Brand Berry Bright
Size (L x W x H) 27.8 cm x 14 cm x 18.5 cm
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  • Natural Healthy Vision Supplement
  • Diabetic friendly - no added sugar
  • Protect eye and promote healthy vision
  • Improve blood circulation and relief tired eyes
  • Better harmful blue light protection, great for frequent digital devices users
  • With proven natural ingredient: NZ blackcurrant anthocyanins, lutein, zeaxanthin & vitamin C
  • Halal &100% Vegan
  • No Artificial Preservatives & Colouring
  • High in Vitamin C
  • Dry Tired Eyes Support for Children & Adult

Berry Bright with Stevia is a natural whole food eye supplement is a no sugar added formula, that is to help you to easily replenish the vital nutrients that are essential to protect and maintain healthy eye and vision. Further enhanced with Bilberry to give you additional anthocyanin and antioxidant for your eyes.

With no sugar added, it is diabetic friendly and suitable to those who looking for a sugar-free formula.

New Zealand Blackcurrant Anthocyanins
Marigold Extract (with Lutein & Zeaxanthin)
European Bilberry Extract (additional anthocyanins)
Eyebright Extract (Traditional herb for eye health)
Vitamin C
Stevia Extract (Zero calorie natural sweetener)

Relieve dry, irritated and tired eyes
Filter harmful blue light
Improve dark circles under the eyes
Improve night vision and light-sensitivity
Protect from free radical’s damage
Maintain healthy vision

Adult: Take 1-2 sachets a day
Children: Age 2 to 12, take 1 sachet a day

How to take:
Add each sachet to 150ml-200ml of cool or room temperature water, stir or shake before drink.

Recommended for:
Dry and tired eyes
Sore eyes or eye strain conditions
Blurred vision
Poor eyesight
Increased sensitivity to light
Contact lens user
Prolong exposure to digital devices
Long hours driving
All age group (Children, adult and elderly)

Award Winning:
a. Malaysia Health & Wellness Brand Awards 2017, co-organised by Sinchew Daily and Life Magazines, endorsed by the Malaysia Ministry of Health.
Winner – “Health Food” Category
b. Natural Health Readers’ Choice Awards 2017, 2015, 2014
Winner – “Best Natural Eye Care Supplement”
c. Long Life Health & Beauty Awards 2015 & 2014
Winner – “Eye Care” Category


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Berry Bright Stevia natural plant based eye care

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Berry Bright Stevia Potent & Concentrated

Berry Bright Stevia Nourish Hydrate Improve Vision

Berry Bright Stevia Prevent Eye Disease Filter Harmful Blue light

Berry Bright Premium Concentrated

New Zealand Ben Ard Blackcurrant Extract

Berry Bright Stevia Reduce Eye Fatigue

Berry Bright Stevia Antioxidants Vitamin C

Berry Bright Stevia Improve Blood Circulation

Blacurrant anthocyanins fast absorption

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Berry Bright Eye Nourishing Drink Stevia 8g x 30 sachets x 2 boxse